Inuit Throat Music

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KOMAKSIUTIKSAK is an Inuit Throat Music CD. Traditional throat singing such as this recording is not usually carried in main stream music stores. This unique collection of traditional Inuit music includes 15 songs.

Song list:

01. Loons
02. Goose & The Loon
03. Owl, Goose & The Loon
04. 50th CBC Anniversary
05. Animals In the Fields
06. The Seal And The Fox
07. Baby Seal
08. Daddy’s Song
09. Learn To Be My Friend
10. Jamey’s Ayaa Yaa
11. Loon And An Owl
12. Goose And The Owl
13. Two Geese
14. Loon And The Seagull
15. Two Ptarmigans

Singers: Jamey, Nikki, Lesley & Jessica Komaksiutiaksak


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